About Us


The life of an expat is not always an easy one. Because we know it takes time to find your way around and to become at one with your new surroundings when moving to a new country, we thought we would help you settle in with stories about life in Zug. Our writers are a collection of different voices, expats just like you from all around Zug with one thing in common we are all here making this lovely Canton home, if even only for a short while for many of us.

A Message from our Founder Natalie Albrecht

I know what it is to be an expat, since childhood I have lived in 5 countries as dissimilar as Finland and Kenya, and witnessed how my family coped with the upheaval each time. At 21, it was love at first sight for Zug and I have remained loyal ever since.

As I became more ‘local’ I regularly, and sympathetically, witnessed the struggles of other expats, and formulated my ideas. I created Lifestylemanagers to provide a broad range of services to expats, and their families: assistance with their relocation, management of all their events, both big and small, and an across-the-board concierge service.

I describe myself now as ‘the ultimate PA’, affording expats the time to enjoy their life here in Zug. I really hope you enjoy this fun blog. And remember if you have stories you’d like to share concerning your life in Zug, we’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you all the very best in Zug,